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EPM Reflections #12 – A Time for Change

by Chris Grundy, Director Marketing, SAP 

I thought for a while about a fitting conclusion to our current #EPMReflections 2015 series, contemplating among other things of writing something along the lines of a festive theme, perhaps for example of extending the themes that we have run in prior years on how Santa might organize performance management such as that posted last year by Gary Cokins on the topic of ELF (Elf Performance Management), maybe considering how “Santa Claus Inc.” might link their EPM solutions to their ERP (Elf Resource Planning) systems, to deliver integrated financial planning for example, of course using an in-memory platform to handle the vast amounts of data required when dealing with a global demand for gifts.

cloud illustration

But instead of this, I’ve opted for a different approach, particularly given that this is our final #EPMReflection on the current CFOKnowledge blog platform, as CFOKnowledge is heading to a new home in January 2016, as we pack up and move to the D!gitalist Magazine.

Our move to CFOKnowledge on the D!gitalist is inspired by a desire to bring you, our readers more and better content on a range of finance topics. You’ll still hear news and views from our regular bloggers on EPM (enterprise performance management) and GRC (governance risk and compliance) topics, but in addition to this we’ll be joined by a host of new bloggers who’ll be writing on diverse and topical subjects related to business and finance matters.

So my reflection here is not so much regarding something that’s happened in the last 12 months, as has been the focus of our other #EPMReflections, but rather it’s a general and in some ways a personal reflection on what we have accomplished on CFOKnowledge in the past few years. It’s been a pleasure to work with many bloggers to this channel, and to have had the ability to bring you news and views on a range of EPM, GRC and Finance topics, and I truly hope that you have enjoyed reading them. I very much hope that you will join us at our new home on the D!gitalist, in 2016. In the meantime I’d like to say a big “thank you” for following CFOKnowledge, and I wish you all the best for a wonderful time during the holidays.

See you at CFOKnowledge on D!gitalist in 2016…and we’ll create some new things to reflect on there!