Drilling for Performance Improvement

It may not have escaped your notice, but many of the blog posts I write concern stories of customer success. This should be of no surprise really, as a lot of my time is spent on helping customers to bring their stories to light, either as written success stories or increasingly for me as conference presentations for some of the global SAP events.

A couple of stories were brought to my attention a few days ago, and I thought that these would make interesting reading to anyone focused on maximizing the potential performance of their own organizations.

Case 1 – Oil company Concho Resources Inc drills for deeper planning insight
Posted by my colleague @JohnGWard3, this blog post describes how oil producer Concho is using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation to improve the efficiency of its financial planning and reporting processes. Citing improved closing processes, faster and more accurate reporting, Concho also says that the application has helped them to achieve a deeper and more granular understanding of budget and actuals comparisons at a property level, helping them to collaborate more effectively with partners.


Case 2 – CitizenInsight app continues to keep Bostonians informed about performance
Also posted by John Ward, this blog post returns to the story of how the City of Boston uses the SAP Strategy Management application to make it possible for city departments to set objectives and measure key performance indicators (KPIs), pushing out performance data to its citizens using the CitizenInsight mobile app. From what John writes, the City of Boston has continued to invest in innovative approaches, describing how SAP HANA is also utilized to analyze data that’s subsequently used to inform decisions aimed at improving city services. I continue to be impressed by what the City of Boston has achieved through their innovative application of technology and the benefits that this brings to their citizens. I often wish my own local city council were so enlightened!

So, all in all two terrific and quite different examples of how performance management solutions can enable organizations to gain the insight and understanding that they need to run their businesses better. Hope you enjoy reading the linked blogs in more detail. I’ll aim to bring you more customer stories as I come across them in 2014.

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