Can Larry manage his company’s performance from his boat ?

It is the “Summer of Racing” as you can imagine in San Francisco with the Americas Cup. The city is bustling with the excitement of the races, teams from all over the world, the boats, the parties et al. It is attracts the “Best Sailors” and the “Fastest Boats” and they are here for one and only one reason – to Win. Spectators include not only sailing enthusiast but also the who’s who of Silicon Valley.

In fact most experienced sailors who participate in such races usually start with getting information about the race course and competition and then start to implement a tactic for their boat and team. A lot of planning and strategy goes into defining the team, selecting the boat and planning a sailing strategy. They consult weather and meteorological reports to get information on the wind speeds, wind direction, changes in wind, breeze trends, tides and currents etc. They look at historical information on the races and gain insight into their competition. They analyze sailing route patterns. Armed with all this information they then start to simulate and build an optimal strategy based on four key variables: route ( longitude & latitude), wind(speed and direction), tides & currents and competitors. Can they stick to this defined strategy during the course of the race? Yes only if nothing changes in the variables, the wind speed is exactly the same, the direction has not changed and nothing unforeseen happens. Now we all know that is far from reality. The variables are changing constantly and the Captain accordingly adjusts the strategy, assesses risks and makes decisions in real time to stay ahead. A golden rule of them for a winning team is : First Leg- Be conservative and do not lose much, Second Leg: Take calculative risks and Third Leg: Hold your position

I’m told the challenges that the captains face during the race are actually quite similar to what an executive experiences. The end goal is the same: Stay Ahead of your competition and win. Executives need to monitor their financial results closely, proactively participate in the planning and forecasting process to ensure growth, define and their strategic goals and objectives while keeping a vigilant eye on the risk factor. While doing all this they still need to run their business effectively and efficiently even if they are participating in the Americas Cup or just there to watch and have fun. Now given that we have Internet Access everywhere there is a good chance that the executives are able to access and monitor information from their mobile devices. But can they react and respond to that information from their mobile device? Can they make adjustment to a forecast and see what the impact is from their mobile device? Can they adjust the price/volume variable and see impact of profitability from their mobile device? They can only do that all this if their mobile devices have the ability to not only connect to their systems of record for information access but also have secure write back functionality built into.

  •  Continuous access and response to  real time information anywhere and anytime
  • Leverage the real information for real time decision making at all times
  • Monitor and collaborate on key business issues at all times

SAP EPM Mobile solutions – for keeping performance on track even when the unexpected happens

SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Mobile Solutions include solutions for Planning and Consolidation, Strategy Management and Financial Results Insight. This enables customers to not only consume data/reports but also input plan and forecast data on the fly anytime/anywhere. It allows customers to plan and forecast with speed and accuracy using their mobile device.  Customers can also monitor their performance goals and results from their mobile device as well as take corrective action and collaborate with the key stake holders. They can proactively monitor the Financial Results prior to the period close and make real time decisions and initiate actions.

So now whether you are in your office or travelling to a customer or on a boat, you can leverage these mobile solutions from SAP EPM to manage and monitor your company at all times with real time mobile access to your key information. Visit for more information or better still download the app from the App Store.

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