EPM + BI + Mobile = Instant Value for the CFO and Finance

DKOM_2013_CBUR_SKI wanted to share the above photo as it shows something special. It happened on March 26, 2013 2:43pm at SAP Development Kick-Off Meeting in Paris,France. The seventy people who gathered in this theater saw something quite wonderful – Enterprise Performance Management powered by in-memory technology smoothly combined with business intelligence and consumed on mobile! Have yet to see a demo myself, but I’m told that the user experience is awesome; data smoothly flows from one system to the other in perfect automation; but more importantly this app is priceless for business end-users within the office of finance. CFOs will now be able to track the most important indicators of their financial report anywhere, in full security, and make sure all KPIs are “green lighted” prior financial statements are made available externally to their investors.

Back in October 2012 SAP teams invited customers to influence our planned innovations for the financial close process, writing “the co-innovation is planned to be a 6-month project culminating with a planned mass shipment / release to customers in Q2-2013”. Guess what? They walked the walk. The co-innovation is coming to fruition and SAP+Customers are combining decades of business process knowledge with unprecedented IT innovation power… and we’ll make these new IT assets available to all companies in a few weeks.

Welcome to the New SAP. Stay tuned for more.

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