SAP RealSpend for when you’re on the go and need to know

During Q3 the number of listed US companies that failed to hit their figures increased to a new high. I’m not sure how to account for this; perhaps it’s just that it’s getting even more difficult to forecast  revenues now that the economy has started to grow again. What I’m more sure of is that strict cost control will stay with us and it’s good that people on the move can check out real-time budget and discretionary spend information anywhere, anytime with the new version of SAP RealSpend .  Using this app, which can be downloaded from iTunes, they can manage their budget more effectively, focus spending better and identify expense issues really quickly. The solution connects directly with the on-premise ERP back-end and can be implemented with or without SAP support in a matter of days.

This new version has:

  • Trend and projection information to analyze historic data as well as projections for the rest of the year
  • The ability to drill through to line Item details like personnel, vendor and account information
  • Integrates business card contact information of cost center owners right from the app = (so you can find the culprits responsible and phone them with a grilling even quicker! )

I can tell you that everyone considers SAP RealSpend to be one of the best consumer grade mobile Apps in our  portfolio so  check it out by watching the video or here for more information.

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