Come on feel the noise – SAP Insider Financials and GRC: Las Vegas 13 – 16 March

Last year was the most successful that SAP has enjoyed in its 40 year history and much of it is due to a concerted effort to bring non-invasive renewal to the core ERP platform while rapidly innovating with On Demand, On Device and In Memory technologies. As a user, you end up with a hybrid that provides the best of all worlds – and you benefit from having a fast start in transforming the finance function around the new technologies.

Later this month is SAP Insider Financials and this will be an ideal opportunity for you to see the power of this new technology for yourself, pick it up, play with it and make it do exactly what you intend – it’s that intuitive. So in the words of that very British pop band of the early 70’s, Slade, ‘Come on – feel the noise!’

Over the last century there has been a revolution in the way we manipulate and consume financial data – the abacus, the mechanical calculation machines, LED electronic calculators, desktops, cell phones and now tablets and mobiles that give us easy and immediate access to data wherever we are, whenever we need it.

Seems to me that we are at another important stage of that transition and even if you have never previously attended SAP conferences, I would encourage you to make tracks for SAP Insider Financials  this year as it’s possibly going to be the most important one for a decade or more. If we stick with the pop music analogy  for a moment, it’ll be like when the Beatles first appeared on the scene;  that important.

Not only will you be the first to hear about forthcoming innovations during keynotes for SAP’s Sanjay Poonen, President and Corporate Office for Global Solutions and my long-time colleague Frederic Lalayaux who heads up GRC, EPM and Financial applications, you’ll get to hear from our customers and partners who have been the early adopters of these new solutions; get your questions answered in forums and discussion groups – and get your hands on the stuff.

Click on the event logo to learn more.

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