SAP announces ‘Innovations 2010’ – non-disruptive enhancements for existing customers

SAP doesn’t leave existing customers out in the cold.

Having delivered on the product road map introduced one year ago at its annual conference for customers and partners, SAP today announced general availability of “Innovations 2010” enhancement packages across all core SAP® Business Suite 7 applications. These enhancements enable customers to switch on new software features for unique industry and line-of-business processes, without disrupting operations to undergo system upgrades. The software was shipped to over 450 customers during the ramp-up phase, more than 100 above target. Customers running SAP® ERP 6.0 now can switch on any of more than 300 new business functions, including:

  • Master data governance to help ensure consistency of data on suppliers and materials despite complexity of business networks, environments and processes
  • Shared services framework for increased process efficiency and significant cost savings across financial and human resources (HR) operations
  • Product structure synchronization for manufacturing companies to better synchronize engineering and production
  • Linear asset management, which helps mobile service technicians, for example, access and update information and documentation quickly, anytime, anywhere
  • Convergent charging with new features in its now second release that further support the mass billing demands of utilities and telecommunications companies, simplifying the complexities of managing multiple products, divergent pricings and widespread promotions

Announced at last year’s conference, the new solutions for deeper industry and line-of-business processes build on SAP’s proven delivery model of enhancement packages for upgrades in on-premise software. Their availability across core suite applications marks a key waypoint in the SAP product road map and promise of “innovation without disruption.” The packages help customers easily exploit the business potential and value of SAP Business Suite, enabling people and organizations in diverse business areas and industries to collaborate better, decide better, adapt better and operate better.

SAP customers can find the enhancements right for their needs at or for more information, see “SAP Takes Innovation in Leaps, So Customers Can Take It in Strides – With Innovations 2010,” visit

One thought on “SAP announces ‘Innovations 2010’ – non-disruptive enhancements for existing customers

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