Everything you wanted to know about IFRS – but were afraid to ask

With the year end approaching for many companies, thoughts turn to financial reporting and the challenge of complying with changing regulation. So it’s timely that my colleague Pete Graham has been working with experts from our partners to produce a series of six on-demand webinars on IFRS. Their goal is to help you better understand and manage key IFRS transition issues so you are ready for your own transition to IFRS. The series includes:

IFRS Transition Considerations: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

Many companies transitioning to IFRS can accomplish the transition successfully on their current systems. However, depending on the age of their systems and the complexity of their business, it may make sense to upgrade. Join this webinar to learn an update on IFRS and strategies to assess and develop your financial systems roadmap when considering an IFRS transition.

IFRS Convergence – Leasing and Financial Statement Presentation – with PwC

The convergence of certain US GAAP and IFRS regulations by FASB and the IASB has become a hot topic lately and is often referred to as IFRS Convergence.  Join this webinar to gain an overview of the IFRS Convergence activities with a particular focus on Leasing and Financial Statement Presentation.  Learn best practices in assessing and coping with these planned changes.

Upcoming FASB/IASB Accounting Changes and the Need for a Flexible Finance Architecture – with Ernst and Young 

The upcoming FASB/IASB Accounting changes will require companies to adjust their financial systems.  Join this webinar to gain a general understanding of the expected changes, impacted areas, and strategies to effectively analyze and manage these changes.

IFRS-Tax Considerations within SAP – with Deloitte

IFRS is a new to many people including the possible tax impact that it may have on your company or subsidiaries.  Join this webinar to learn how IFRS impacts corporate taxes.  Learn key tax strategies that will allow you to put a plan in place to properly assess the IFRS tax impact on your company.

How IFRS Impacts Intangible and Biological Assets – with Clarkston Consulting

The adoption of IFRS, specifically IAS 38 and IAS 41, poses new challenges when accounting for either Intangible Assets or Biological Assets.  Join this webinar to gain an understanding of IAS 38 and IAS 41, how they can impact your company, and potential solutions for compliance. 

Transitioning to IFRS in the High Tech Sector

Companies currently reporting under US GAAP or IFRS will experience significant change as a result of the joint FASB / IASB accounting standards scheduled for release next year.  As this major step in the transition to IFRS nears completion, companies will benefit by starting their IFRS transition activities today.   This session outlines a modular approach to migrating to IFRS that aligns transition activities with key milestones.

Click here to register and watch – and if this isn’t enough to satiate your thirst for knowledge on the topic, there’s plenty more recorded earlier in the year

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