SAP and Deloitte launch starter kit for Liquidity Planning

In recent weeks, I’ve been talking with some customers, partners and colleagues about what they see as important trends in performance management for the next 5 years or so. There’s a lot of interesting stuff comes out of this. For the most part, we’re fairly well aligned on the priorities, but there’s still some stuff that we think vitally important that the clients doesn’t give a monkeys about – and other stuff that clients consider to be top priorities that we think is lower in the pecking order.

One topic that we both agree on is ‘content’ – shipping model structure, templates and standard reports that reflect best practice for a particular process or a specific industry. In some parts of the world, this is not just a nice to have, but an absolute essential to move licenses with clients astounded that a company that ships ERP software that has all the business processes already configured should not do the same with performance management.

Well we’ve been doing a lot of this -starter kits for IFRS, capital planning, budgeting in banking and healthcare to mention the first four that spring to mind – and we’ve just launched another with partners Deloitte, this time for liquidity planning in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation.

It enables customers to gain visibility into cash-flow and liquidity data, then model different scenarios and prepare forecasts on that information. It’s designed to address the more stringent credit risk-management requirements and since it’s integrated with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, finance professionals can access prior transactions. Combining committed transactions with forecasted financial data gives customers the insight they need to avoid inaccurate forecasts of future exposures.

The starter kit comes with pre-defined templates and tools for maintaining cash-calculation rules and currency-conversion rates, automating reporting, simulating liquidity strategies and importing aggregated liquidity data from SAP NetWeaver BW into SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation. Customers also have the ability to create executive dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise software, providing them with insight into working capital and cashflow.

Besides new implementations, it can also be incorporated into existing installments of SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver – exactly the type of thing clients want.

There is more information in Friday’s press release.

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