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Using in-memory computing to power real-time financial planning

In-memory computing has heralded a way for organizations to view Big Data in ways that they simply were not able to do before, giving them a platform for improved insight, analytics and decisions.

But I often hear the question, what can I do practically with Big Data and how does in-memory computing really help me to run my business better? I guess the thing that solution vendors need to do is provide more guidance on the possible applications and build better business cases for many people to really understand the potential that analysis of Big Data has to offer.

I was interested therefore to come across a Hewlett Packard case study recently, which clearly demonstrates how they have applied in-memory computing within their business, and worked closely with SAP to deliver an augmented planning solution using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, running on HP AppSystems for SAP HANA.

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Through close collaboration and focusing initially on one of HPs planning needs, financial expense planning and simulation, the resulting Expense Planning tool allows expense management teams to automate and streamline their budgeting, forecasting and consolidation activities in a centralized tool, giving increased value to productivity of their analysts while supporting real-time financial planning business decisions.

This HP and SAP story is interesting because it highlights the evolving role that SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, powered by SAP HANA has to play in the HP organization. Their story was first told at SAPPHIRENOW in 2013, and according to this new HP case study there is yet more to come as this in-memory powered solution seems set to be expanded to other processes within the business. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this HP & SAP story continues to evolve and no doubt there’ll also be lots to hear from more SAP customers and partners at the forthcoming SAPPHIRENOW 2014 event in June.