Time to chill out with SAP Finance and Controlling Accelerator

The instant access to data provided by the likes of Google, iStore and Spotify has made people increasingly impatient with some of the legacy systems we have to battle with in our business lives – me included. There is nothing worse than waiting for a report to compile or a screen to refresh and it’s particularly annoying when you’re trying to do other things and you’re in a hurry! So bear a thought for folk in the finance team reconciling various ledgers for the period end close:

  • Due to the number of accounts to reconcile and delays in processing reports from the material ledger and general ledger, closing is typically fairly time-consuming.
  • But there’s a lot of waiting around on the water fountain for reports to run, so it’s not making best use of people’s time.
  • Then as reports on accounts, assets, profit centers, cost centers, and product cost objects are not available on a timely basis, the business has less opportunity to use the information to improve performance.
  • And in certain instance such as the material ledger, it has been virtually impossible to run very detailed reports without impairing the system.

Well those days are over with the release of the SAP Finance and Controlling Accelerator, which is based on SAP’s HANA – our high performance (in memory) analytics application.

SAP Finance and Controlling Accelerator supports finance organizations with instant access to vast amounts of ledger, cost and material ledger data in SAP ERP Financials. It also allows users to explore data down to granular detail; something that was previously impractical. Four implementation packages are available  – Financial Accounting, Controlling, Material Ledger and Production Cost Analysis, which can be implemented individually or in any combination.

In order to ensure a quicker time to value, SAP Finance and Controlling Accelerator comes as a rapid-deployment solution. This provides customers that have already licensed SAP HANA an out-of-the-box solution including services at a fixed cost enabling them to go live in about 4-6 weeks. It should make everyone very happy : )  : )  : )

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